Title Companies and Lenders Trust NotaryCert+ Notaries

Mistakes can be costly. Title companies and lenders want to be assured that notaries are honest, accurate, follow the laws, and have good practices. Having a certification is a good way to demonstrate these qualities.

Safeguard your Business by Hiring NotaryCert+ Certified Notaries

Certified notaries are less likely to make mistakes. States are loosening training requirements for notaries. Hiring a notary with an independent notary certification assures your customers get the quality services they demand.

NotaryCert+ Certification Brings New Opportunities

Certified notaries are more likely to get hired by title companies, lenders, and notary stores.

About NotaryCert+

NotaryCert+ is comparable to the National Notary Association's Signing Agent Certification. Unlike the National Notary Association we provide free training materials. There are no "trick" questions on the test that require you to purchase an expensive training manual.

Certification includes a PDF certificate and web link to verify your certification. You are eligible to receive a free optional background check and directory listing. See FAQ for more details.